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The Future of Yucca Mountain After the Japanese Quake

The catastrophe in Japan has led to a rethinking on the issue of a nuclear waste repository. But what that rethinking is, depends on whose doing the thinking. Officials in states with nuclear reactors are now redoubling their efforts to re-open Yucca Mountain because the spent fuel pools have failed in the Japanese tsunami. Nevada officials insist that the catastrophe only proves their contention that high-level nuclear waste is too dangerous to store in Nevada. So what is the future of Yucca Mountain and will the review of the nuclear industry in the wake of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami change anyone's mind?

David Stahl, Associate Exec Dir, Nuclear Technology Programs, The Harry Reid Center, UNLV
Joe Strolin, Acting Exec Dir, Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects

Darius Dixon, reporter,
Andy Fitz, senior counsel, Washington State Attorney General's Office

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