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Real Estate Bubbles Wreck Las Vegas and Ireland

We often seem consumed in Southern Nevada by the badly depressed economy. First it was liar loans and mortgage fraud, then the foreclosure crisis and now record unemployment. The massive boom seems to have created an equally massive bust. But we're not the only place on the planet that has been broken by a massive real estate bubble. Ireland has seen many of the same problems - a real estate bubble that has turned the Celtic Tiger into a pale shadow of itself a few years ago. Foreclosures and plummeting real estate prices, failing banks and severe cuts to public budgets have roiled Ireland in the last two years. We take a look at the impact real estate bubbles have created in both places with a transatlantic hook-up.

Fin Keegan, writer and independent journalist
Megan Greene, Ed and Economist, Economist Intelligence Unit
John Restrepo, Restrepo Consulting Group

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Scott Dickensheets, columnist, LV Sun