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Pretty & Prettier: How Do You Define Beauty?

A dating site that says it's "for ugly people" trumpeted its first engagement. The man says he's got a "face that makes children cry," but his fiancee says he's a "handsome prince." So what really counts as "beautiful"? Is it just the faces on TV and billboards? How do young people respond to those images of beauty? And in a town where images of models are plastered along the Strip, what is beauty in Las Vegas?
We talk to a modeling agent and professors about perceptions of beauty, and how that affects us today. What qualities catch your eye? Who did you think was beautiful when you were growing up? Have you tried to change how you look?
How do you define beauty? And should that definition change? Tell us your stories.

Cortney Warren, professor, UNLV
Tena Houser, president, Lenz Management
Dan Hamermesh, economics professor, University of Texas at Austin
Audrey Brashich, author, "All Made Up: A Girl's Guide to Seeing Through Celebrity Hype and Celebrating Real Beauty"

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