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The Islamic Society warned Las Vegas Muslims to keep a low profile during the Sept. 11 weekend. They even asked police to increase their patrols of mosques. Do Muslims have reason to be afraid? Have they run across trouble in Las Vegas? A Florida church caused an international stir when it threatened to burn copies of the Quran, and plans to build a mosque by Ground Zero also caused disquiet. Is "Islamophobia" on the rise? Or is it more imagined than realized? How does it affect local Muslims - have they made changes to their lives? Also, what do other faith leaders have to say?

Aslam Abdullah, Dir, Islamic Society of Nevada
Malcolm Cohen, Rabbi, Temple Sinai of Las Vegas
Gard Jameson, Assoc Pastor, Grace Community Church; Asian traditions instructor, UNLV Philosophy Dept; Chair, Interfaith Council of Southern NV

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