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Clark County Firefighters Union Response

Clark County Firefighters have come under immense public scrutiny in the past year for high pay and out of control overtime and sick pay costs.

At a time when the county, like many other municipal bodies, is dealing with huge budget shortfalls the firefighters union has been extremely reuctant to agree to wage and benefit concessions. They have also been accused of "gaming" the overtime and sick pay system in order to bolster their paychecks and essentially cheat taxpayers out of millions. Their most vocal critic, County Commissioner, Steve Sisolak says he can prove that Clark County Firefighters have duped taxpayers and the system for huge paychecks.

But, the union doubts Sisolak's arguments hold any weight. The union has pushed back against their critics, mainly the county commisssion by running full page newspaper ads denouncing the county comission and its leaders. We spoke with Steve Sisolak now we talk with Ryan Beaman, President of the Clark County Firefighter's Union. He gives his reaction to the harsh public criticism against firefighters in Clark County.

Ryan Beaman, Pres, Clark County Firefighter's Local 1908

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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