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West Prep Academy was by all accounts a model for failure in the Clark County School District. Poor performance and safety problems led the school to be labeled as "persistently dangerous."

But, when CCSD associate Superintendent Edward Goldman and former school board member Shirley Barber took it upon themselves to turn the school around they found great success. Now, all 43 of the schools seniors have plans to go to college.

On the flip side a new report from Education Week Magazine puts Nevada dead last in graduation rates in the country at 42%. So what led to West Prep's success? And how can that be replicated district wide? We continue our summer series on education in the Clark County School District with a look at how to turn around failing schools.   

CCSD Associate Superintendent, Edward Goldman and West Prep Academy Principal, Mike Barton join us. Parents and teachers if you have a story about a failing school we want to hear from you, post your comments below.

Edward Goldman, Associate Superintendent, CCSD
Mike Barton, Principal, West Prep Academy

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