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Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki was mired in an ethics scandal last year over an alleged mishandling of state funds. He was eventually cleared of those charges.

But four Democrats are hoping that and other issues are enough to convince voters the state needs a new number two in office.

We continue our conversations with legislative candidates on Tuesday when we talk to four Democrats vying to become Nevada's next Lieutenant Governor.

Jessica Sferrazza, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor and Reno City Councilwoman
Paul Murad, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor
Robert "Bob" Goodman, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor
Robert Randazzo, Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor

What's your take on how to attract more tourism to Nevada?

Are we doing enough to attract green businesses to Nevada?

Should the need arise, these candidates could fill in as Governor, what do you think makes for the most effective gubernatorial fill-in?

Support comes from

And what will each of these candidates need to bring to the table to win your vote?

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