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The City of Las Vegas unveiled its budget reduction plan to close the City of Las Vegas' budget gap a couple of weeks ago. The announcement from the city said the recommendations, if approved by the City Council, would result in the elimination of 215 full time positions and ultimately mean 171 current employees will be laid off through a reduction in the city's workforce.

The city's plan assumes no concessions from the unions. That, according to the City, means the only approach to balancing the budget is reductions in programs, services and staff. Mayor Oscar Goodman is asking for an 8% pay cut across the board and wants the unions to re-open their contracts.

Betsy Fretwell and Mayor Goodman will join us in studio to talk about the plan and what went down at the March 10th meeting.

Betsy Fretwell, Las Vegas City Manager
Oscar Goodman, Mayor, City of Las Vegas
Steve Sebelius, Editor, Las Vegas City Life