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Harry Fagel is a Metro Police Sergeant by day and a spoken word artist by night. In other words, he's one very cool, unique guy. When he was a kid growing up in Las Vegas Fagel says he always loved writing. Fagel started writing as an adult, after a hiatus "in the working world", when a friend took him to an open mic night poetry slam. After that, he says, he was hooked. On our show, he performs "Jay-Sahn's Deli." Appropriately Vegas, no?

Even a greater treat than the DMV
Jason's Deli reeks of freak
I sit and watch the street unfold in a restaurant
Where the ice-cream and the entertainment are always free
Little ghetto babies line outside and
wait for the manager to turn his back then
‘Lickity Split' they dart inside like sparrows on the worm
And gather cold pleasure from the ever humming frozen convection machine
While a group of older women back from spending hundreds shopping
do the same without running, or leaving a tip
Over yonder, dude bi***es and whines about the quality of his meat,
Raul offers him a refund, dude just shuns him,
fills his pockets with trail mix and bails
An older gentleman with a tremendous comb-over

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opens his mouth as wide as Lake Mead
sucking in a roast beef sandwich piled high with heart attack
Chewing makes his hair float in the pickled air
I am mesmorized by its wafting
Hot babes wander through the ugliness,
Surreal, I expect a pole to drop from the ceiling
and them to dance and grind upon it.
Finally a maculated urchin walks in,
bird shit decorating his already filthy shirt
The salad bar his target, he hones in on it,
cucumber slice in his sight, he dives, catches it, dips it in the ranch
and sucks it in his sore ridden lips
Grinning and capering he goes to the bathroom
and comes out minutes later, somehow dirtier
He has wads of toilet tissue wrapped in his hands
which doesn't stop him from getting another cucumber slice
and sucking more ranch
My appetite flies from me,
time to go, enough steam enough for today,
theres always tomorrow
Dear, Jay-sahn's
KNPR's State of Nevada
Dec 12, 2011

All-Stars of Slam Poetry


Harry Fage, Metro Police Sergeant by day and a spoken word artist by night

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