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In our second hour, Ian Mylchreest talks with Ned Mills, about his show "Piano Follies." Mills will be performing this weekend at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.

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Weezer played a feel-good, sing-along set Friday at SXSW in Austin.
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Organizers say an annual effort to count every person living on the streets in and around Las Vegas went smoothly and results are expected to be released in the spring.

More than 200 volunteers completed the Southern Nevada Homeless Census will help from police overnight Tuesday.

Last year's one-night tally found about 6,200 homeless people, or about 1,300 fewer than the year before. The 2014 homeless census found more than 9,400 people staying in shelters or on the streets.

Officials think more than 30,000 people experience homelessness at some point during the year in southern Nevada.

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