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Continuing our Conversation on Race in America

Patricia Cunningham, community activist and Radio Host, KCEP
Prof Rainier Spencer, sociology, UNLV
Pastor Robert Fowler, The Victory Missionary Baptist Church
...on the latest US Census Bureau figures showing that white Americans will be in the minority by 2042 what that could mean for the country's political, economic and social future. And what effect does race and ethnicity have on this year's historic presidential campaign.

Pictured right are: KCEP Radio Host Patricia Cunningham, KNPR's State of Nevada Show Host Dave Berns, KCEP IT Mgr and Asst Program Mgr Ashton Ridley, Prof Rainier Spencer, KCEP Program Mgr Craig Knight and Pastor Robert Fowler (left to right).

Our Guests, Dave Berns and the KCEP staff

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