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Caucus Day (Part 1)

Prof David Damore, Political Science, UNLV
Brian Bahouth, Reno Producer, KNPR and KUNR
Larry Sabato, Dir, University of VA's Ctr for Politics
D. Taylor, Sec-Treas, Culinary Union Local 226
Adam Burke, Freelance Producer, NPR
Sam Brown, Asst Ed, Elko Daily Free Press
Shelley Berkley [D], Congresswoman, NV District 1
Jon Ralston, Host, Face to Face, and Political Columnist, LV Sun
Zac Moyle, Exec Dir, NV Republican Party
Jon Sandler, Precinct Capt, Palo Verde High School
Liz Carrasco, Political Organizer and Clinton Supporter
Abdulrahim Pryor, Delegate, Barack Obama Campaign
... on the results and the happenings of Saturday's historic NV caucuses.

Escobedo Middle School Escobedo Middle School Escobedo Middle School Escobedo Middle School
Caucus Panel Caucus Panel Caucus volunteers mull over vote count at Cora Coleman Senior Center. Caucus volunteers recounting votes.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008