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To get to Scotty's Castle from Las Vegas take highway 95 north toward Tonopah. At Scotty's Junction (36 miles north of Beatty), turn left on highway 267. 21 miles later you'll arrive at Scotty's Castle.
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To get to Furnace Creek Inn, take highway 267 south 60 miles further into Death Valley National Park.
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The Amargosa Opera House and Hotel lies 29 miles west of Furnace Creek Inn at Death Valley Junction. Take highway 190 to highway 127.
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(note - In the story we mention Marta Beckett's partner Tom Willett and her production of The Good Time Cabaret. Sadly Tom is no longer with us and Marta no longer performs the Good Time Cabaret. She does, however, have a brand new production 'Masquerade.')

To return to Las Vegas take Belle Vista Road (directly in front of the Opera House) to highway 160. Highway 160 will take you to Interstate 15 and Las Vegas.

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