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Jeff Burbank has been thinking about who benefits when lawyers do pro-bono work.

Jeff Burbank is a veteran Las Vegas reporter who teaches at UNLV.


In his commentary about Clark County Legal Services Pro Bono Project, Jeff Burbank said there was a list of pro bono cases that attorneys could selectively pick from to choose cases that would yield attorney's fees from the defendants.

After review KNPR acknowledges that attorneys have very limited information prior to accepting a case on which to base their decisions about accepting a pro bono lawsuit.

Jeff Burbank further stated that attorneys use their pro bono clients to charge the other side high legal fees, when in fact attorneys may only ask the presiding judge to award costs and fees when there is a legal basis to do so. These awards occur in only about 1% of the cases and they cover only a small fraction of the out of pocket costs of the attorney, according to Clark County Legal Services.

KNPR regrets these factual inaccuracies and any damages done by them to the work and reputations of Clark County Legal Services or to attorney Marshall Willick.

Barbara Buckley, executive director of Clark County Legal Services and attorney Marshall Willick prepared the following responses as rebuttal to Jeff Burbank's commentary that aired on KNPR last week.

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Listen to the rebuttals.

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