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The trouble with Italian food is that two or three days after eating it, you're hungry again. The same might be said for Southern American cooking which has never been known for lightness (or its appreciation for green vegetables). These cholesterol fests have nothing to do with subtlety or moderation. It's hard to say which one's worse for you: do you prefer murder by garlic or death by deep fryer? Health Nazis cringe at both but the way I look at it----- either way you're a goner,…so loosen the belt and live a little!!! And as long as I'm diatribing (is that a word Tim?)


ok ok but anyway…. have you ever seen a happy health fooder??? . .


Most just walk around depressed and disturbed by they eat and get this . . . by what the rest of us eat . . . you see their social responsibility extends all the way to your mouth . . . and no surprise here -- this really gets them down. In fact, good ole Tim here is the only happy one I've ever known-- but I attribute that to yoga which helps Tim (I'm using the verb loosely) stop his breathing or heart or something (as if that's a good thing) while perched on his little toe reciting the Kama Sutra or William Blake or who knows what. It's either that or the fact that he dates very flexible women (and I'm not talking about personalities) who like to do the same thing . . . it's all too meditative for a debauched sybarite like me. I prefer the pleasure of the plate to those of my own feeble mind.

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So, getting back to the subject at hand, I thought I'd recommend two great places to take the marharishi of your choice the next time you want to put a smile on his face and some real food in his gut. One is old Chicago Joe's, which still turns out quality red sauce Italian food downtown that remains surprisingly fresh and filling after 20 years at the same location.

Simply Southern on Decatur had me hankering for more ribs and chicken than Billy Bob could eat in a week. But we'll hear more about that next.

I suggest you start chanting now.

This is John Curtas.

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