505 E. Oakey Blvd.

I'm embarrassed to say that after four years of this gig, I've never said a word about Luv-It Custard. I'm equally ashamed that despite going there like maybe a hundred times, I still can't remember if the name is Luv-It or Luv-Its--but any way you slice it, you've gotta love its custard. By custard I mean frozen vanilla, egg custard ice cream--one of nature's purest pleasures.

Historians tell us that the Venetians invented modern day ice cream after hearing about it from Marco Polo. What that means is that the Chinese got there first—probably by like a thousand years---as they did with most things from the wheelbarrow to pasta. How ever it came to the western world, we should all be glad that that sorbets, gelatos ices and ice cream are part of our diet because they all remain the perfect antidote to a hot summer's day in Vegas. You would think that our hot summers would make us one of the biggest consumers of this frozen delight, but we're not even close. Ice cold New England tops America in ice cream consumption and Massachusetts people--whatever they're called--eat almost twice as much of the stuff as we do. Most of what we slurp is overpriced or chemically-laden store-bought dreck but fortunately, we have Luv-It to alleviate the pain of creamy corporate corpulent mediocrity.

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For almost twenty years it's been one of the hidden gems of Las Vegas culinaria. Memo to union members it's culinary (long "u") not culinary (short "u")—there’s nothing wrong with pronouncing a word correctly. Anyway when I say hidden, I mean hidden. You couldn't have a worse location than this non-descript, ice cream stand on East Oakey Boulevard. Actually it stands in the shadows of the Olympic Garden, so you can get your wholesome and not-so-wholesome entertainment within steps of each other. Is this a great town or what??? Those objecting to the seedy location should quit carping and remember ole Marco Polo who had to go all the way to China to get the good stuff.

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