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Kimi Cole


Kimi Cole



Political Office

Nevada Lieutenant Governor

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

Well-rounded, open-minded, and relatable to a very diverse cross section of Nevada's citizens. As a Nevada resident for over 65 years, I grew up in and raised my family in Northern Nevada, and have traveled extensively throughout the state, including Reno, Las Vegas, and rural areas. It's no secret that I love Nevada, and want to do everything I possibly can to help maintain its beauty and resources, while taking a comprehensive view of future opportunities, in order to enhance a sustainable, high quality of life.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

I believe in robust public engagement to fully understand the issues that most affect and concern Nevadans in different areas. Many issues face us, and in order to develop the highest possible degree of sustainable living, we must take a comprehensive approach that factors in access to quality healthcare, access to available affordable housing; developing a diverse, robust economy; uplifting education, including K-12, college, postgraduate, and skilled trade training.

The role of the Lt. Governor is limited. How would you use the office to serve the state?

Beyond the scope of outlined duties: Chair Commission on Tourism; Vice Chair board of Directors NDOT; Board of Economic Development; Executive Branch Audit Committee; Homeland Security–Continuity of Government, the office of Lt. Governor offers tremendous opportunities to shine a public spotlight on key issues, as well as convening stakeholders to address specific needs and challenges. More proactive public engagement will be a key attribute of my administration.

A chief responsibility of the Lt. Governor is chairing the state tourism board. What steps will you take to diversify Nevada’s economy and spur job growth?

Nevada has abundant desirable attributes to attract a wide range of tourism interests. We must aggressively promote our scenic beauty, including our unique landmarks, lakes, rivers, mountains, and open land, as well as continuing to enhance attributes such as our prolific gaming industry. As the state and our world evolve, we must also remain keenly aware and vigilant to make sure new opportunities have the least possible negative impact on our natural resources and sacred lands.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

I have lived in Nevada since my family moved here in 1956. I have spent much time all around the state, including enjoying outdoor recreation in rural areas, as well as having solid connections with urban cultures in Washoe and Clark counties. I truly care about ALL of Nevada, and look forward to serving this state I love so much.