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March 10, 2022

Editor’s note: Each March, I experience the ambivalence of appreciating the intention behind Women's History Month while preferring that women's achievements were celebrated all year. But it recently occurred to me: At Desert Companion we actually do a decent job writing about women year-round. So, why not use the "holiday" as an occasion to bring them all out for another round of applause? That’s what we’re doing this week. Here’s to you, ladies! - Heidi Kyser.

PROFILEAsk About Emily
When Emily Matview came out as transgender, she discovered an unlikely support network — a punk rock community she helped build herself
By Andrew Kiraly

SOCIETYGood by Design
Architect Mandy Telleria uses her skills to give others the helping hand she never got
By T.R. Witcher

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ACTIVISMThe Advocate
Nizza Tzun and her Forced Trajectory Project tell the stories of families who've lost loved ones to the police
By Soni Brown

ESSAYHeaven or Las Vegas
A young Muslim woman ponders the joys and complications of celebrating Ramadan in this less-than-holy city
By Summer Thomad

ENVIRONMENTMonumental Effort
Former director Jaina Moan saw Friends of Gold Butte through its best times — and its worst
By Heidi Kyser