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September 9, 2021

Editor’s note: Is it just us, or is this week going by fast? Thanks, Labor Day! And thanks to all the housekeepers, magicians, forklift drivers, and other workers who make Las Vegas happen. This selection of stories about our city's interesting and important jobs is just for you.

Drift Driver
Don’t Try This at Home
At Exotics Racing, people pay to have Rudy Ibanez take them for the (sideways) ride of their lives.
By Scott Dickensheets

High-Rise Window Washer
Death Ray-Defying
Job-killing winds, intense heat, and nesting hawks are just a few of the challenges Ruben Rodriguez has had to overcome.
By Chantal Corcoran

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No Easy Answers
Chris Preston's struggles provide a deep look at an industry — and maybe a society — in crisis.
by Kim Foster

For the Werners, taxidermy — “capturing the spirit” of a dead creature — is all about family, tradition, memory, and a love of animals.
By Stacy J. Willis

Zamboni Driver
‘An Added Perk of the Job’
Smoothing the ice for the Las Vegas Wranglers was only one part of Jeremy Keenan’s operations job at the Orleans Arena.
By Jennifer Prosser