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These featured photographers worked their asses off, and it shows. The judges saw it, and now you, reader, get to, too. Thank you to all who contributed.

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In the summer issue of Desert Companion, readers can enjoy the winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions of our 2023 Focus on Nevada Photo Contest. In addition, we present our first-ever nightlife guide, the best locals spots for dancing, laughing, lounging, and rocking in the country’s most entertaining city.
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 Photograph of The Mob Museum
Courtesy The Mob Museum
May ends, and June begins, with much ado about art, in all its forms
Jenny Fox transposed over a poster from her newest show
Illustration: Ryan Vellinga
Photo: Jenny Fox
A wine bottle pouring liquid into a wine glass
Ryan Vellinga
For decades, the wine space was dominated by men. Now, women are claiming their rightful seats at the sommelier table. In this series, meet the author and illustrator of a newly-published wine guide, say hello to Raider Nation's sommelier, and learn about the evolution of local women in wine
Photo illustration of a monorail going into a tube with playing cards in the background
Illustration: Ryan Vellinga
Photos: Unsplash
A reporter rides the monorail in search of how far it’s come in 20 years
Photograph of a child getting their haircut
Jeff Scheid
Jeff Scheid Photography
People sit in a raft in front of Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam Rafting Adventures