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If you’re looking for a new restaurant, chef, or meal to try, consider one of these six not-to-be-missed local eateries.

By Lorraine Blanco Moss

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Hit the road, Desert Companion readers! And while you're at it, have a look around. This issue invites you to not only escape to the outdoors, but also to think about the environmental issues affecting our pursuits and our world.
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The cover of Hide and Seek
Paul Summers Jr.
Paul Summers Jr.’s memoir sets aside Vegas stardom for a focus on fatherhood
Desert Air is the best of Desert Companion magazine for your ears — arts and culture coverage, thoughtful commentary, and creative nonfiction. This podcast provides a space for interviews and storytelling unlike any other, connecting Southern Nevadans with each other and their home.It’s brought to you by the talented folks at Nevada Public Radio: Christopher Alvarez, sound design; Rachel Christiansen, editor; Anne Davis, host; Briana Joseph, narration; Heidi Kyser, managing editor. Our theme music is by Blue Dot sessions.
A green cocktail with a lemon slice floating on top
Heather Jacquart
At Vegas Vickie's
Criss Angel set against a background of pizzas
Photo Courtesy
LBI Entertainment
A pan of cheesy noodles with peppers on top at Jin Jin
Louiie Victa
Louiie Victa Photography
An illustrated woman steps onto the stairway of a private jet
Tim Bower
You, too, can travel by private plane for a reasonable price