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2022 Restaurant Awards
Last year, we introduced our annual restaurant awards with guarded optimism that the dining scene was (finally!) back to normal — or, at least, had found a new, possibly better-in-some-ways normal. And here we are. A year later, it still seems appropriate to note that, yep, the world has changed, food has changed, the way we live our lives, including eating out, has changed. So, this feature has, too.
Dreams Deferred
Janna Ireland’s photographic exploration of Paul Revere Williams’ work is powerful in its intimacy
Uphill Slope
Are Black ski clubs the key to making the mountain accessible to all?
This year's dining issue of Desert Companion includes not only the 2022 Restaurant Awards, but also a special section called Street Eats, celebrating both fine dining and everyday eating out in Las Vegas.
Articles From This Issue
  • Photo of two dishes at Noodle Head Restaurant
    Brent Holmes
    Brent Holmes Photography
    What’s new in Chinatown, the beating heart of Las Vegas’ food scene?
  • 20221201_LasCazuelas
    Brent Holmes
    Brent Holmes Photography
    Ancestral recipes, cultural traditions, and teamwork give these restaurants an inimitable warmth
  • Brothers, Top Chef stars, James Beard honorees, and frequent Vegas visiting chefs
  • Support local artists with unique and handmade wares, find your way to your loved one's heart through delicious treats, or save the wrapping paper and make a memory instead with these curated gifts, foods, and experiences
  • Kids holding balloons and smiling for the camera.
    Photo: The Garden Foundation
    What's that old axiom? That's right: Giving is better than getting, especially around the holidays! Whatever your charity niche is (helping cute animals, increasing literacy, or serving those who served us), spread some cheer this year with these volunteer opportunities
  • Homeless Man washes his hands in a fountain not he Las Vegas Strip
    Photo: AP Images
    To see what the effects of extreme heat may be like on a large scale if things don’t change, look no further than the unhoused people in your own city
  • Actors performing on stage.
    A Public Fit
    Local theaters struggle to keep a roof over their heads
  • A Las Vegas mom and daughter sat down with StoryCorps to talk about how mixed martial arts helped them cope with autism
  • Wall decoration of the boba tea shop Teaspoon
    Jeff Scheid
    Can a mixed-use development build community? UnCommons is sure gonna try
  • David Blaine surrounded by playing cards
    Photo: Art Streiber
    The true magic of In Spades is David Blaine’s talent for manipulating audience anticipation
  • Extended stay book cover
    Photo: Juan Martinez, University of Arizona Press
    Juan Martinez on Las Vegas as inspiration for his new novel literalizing the horror of capitalism, trauma, and xenophobia
  • Wall in the middle of the desert with "radio" spray painted on it
    Photo: Scott Lien
    This suburban trail offers stunning views ... and the chance to up your stewardship game
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