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Miguel Rodriguez: And Another One

Miguel Rodriguez: And Another One

Upon entering Sahara West’s huge Studio gallery, you’re immediately greeted by giant letters spelling out “EVERYTHING.” That about sums up Miguel Rodriguez’s expansive exhibit, though it’s the only thing he’s spelling out. Visitors are invited to apply their own sentiments and perspectives to Rodriguez’s collection of sculptures and paintings. The representations in And Another One may be personal — Rodriguez says the works are largely informed from his “lived experience,” and his fascination with science, current events, and pop culture — but they express enough ambiguity for their onlookers to find their own connections. From two group pieces featuring four hippos on wheels, squaring off like in a popular children’s game, to a giant black-heart wall piece, to a bust leaking what looks like lava through every facial orifice (title: “Everything is Fine, Just Fine”), And Another One is playful and colorful and occasionally sardonic, which might be the perfect tone for our suburban art spaces.

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