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Take 5: Cultural highlights this month

UrinetownIf you’ve ever done the desperate crotch-clamp hustle in search of a bathroom while your bladder painfully balloons, you’ll appreciate “Urinetown.” It’s about a dystopian future in which an evil conglomerate owns all of society’s public restrooms — until a hero who has to pee REALLY BADLY challenges its reign. “Urinetown” is performed 8p May 3, 4, 9 and 11, and 2p at UNLV’s UNLV’s Judy Bayley Theatre. Tickets $20-$30

Man, what a wreck. Oh, that’s a compliment when you’re talking about the photos of Fred Mitchell. His digitally warped and twisted photos make a commentary on the impact and aftermath of car accidents in the Las Vegas Valley. “Photographs with Sculptural Tendencies” is on exhibit through May 24 at Clark County Center Rotunda Gallery. Info:

Fred Mitchell

Hard to imagine the Fabulous Thunderbirds playing inside the Smith Center — how are people ever gonna do some rock ’n’ roll hair-flailing and appendage-waggling in them fancy seats? That’s why they’re playing outside at Symphony Park. Best of all: Drinks spilled on the lawn don’t stain. The Fabulous Thunderbirds perform 8p May 10 at Symphony Park. Tickets $20-$40

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Frank AbagnaleThe infamous con artist who inspired the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” Frank Abagnale has impersonated a pilot, college professor, pediatrician, FBI agent and more. Mind-bender: Can we be sure this is really him and not an impostor? Frank Abagnale will tell stories from his notorious career 7p May 30 at Reynolds Hall in The Smith Center. Tickets $24-$59

Fun fact: Long before Las Vegas became Sin City, it was a rough ’n’ tough Wild West town where the women lactated nickel beer, babies had handlebar mustaches and spurs were a popular breakfast item. Relive the magic at our annual Helldorado Days. Helldorado Days takes place May 16-19; the parade is 5p May 16 on 4th Street from Gass to Ogden Avenue. Info:

Helldorado Days

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