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Take 5: Cultural highlights this month

Sea monsterThe sea: Home to fish sticks and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Also: TERRIFYING SEA MONSTERS. Look into the unblinking eyes of underwater horror in the educational exhibit “Sea Trek.” “Sea Trek” is on exhibit through Aug. 31 at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Info:

Alabama ShakesFun fact: The members of soul-drenched, heart-gripping roots-rock powerhouse Alabama Shakes originally met in a high school psych class. Phew! Just think: They were thiiis close to being a soul-drenched, heart-gripping roots-rock powerhouse firm of marriage and family therapists.

The Alabama Shakes perform 8p July 19 at the Pearl inside The Palms hotel-casino. Tickets $54.65. Info:

Reza AzlanJesus: Who was he? Raving prophet, son of God, or just a hippie who made the Romans really, really mad? Scholar and writer Reza Aslan’s new book, “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” gets to the bottom of the man who launched Christianity and invented the beard. Reza Aslan speaks 7p July 22 at Clark County Library’s Main Theater. Free. Info:

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How quintessentially American is Willie Nelson? Here’s an insider tip: If you recite the lyrics to “On the Road Again” three times in a dark room with a mirror, whiskey-flavored fireworks will shoot off in your pants. Willie Nelson performs 7:30p Aug. 13 at Reynolds Hall in the Smith Center. Tickets $39-$129. Info:

Willie Nelson

Ery Day ScienceScience: Where would we be without it? Scurrying from cave to cave while clutching our loincloths, as fighter jets piloted by evolved cats patrolled the skies, that’s where. In his exhibit “E’ry Day Science,” Miguel Rodriguez’s six large-scale sculptures explore the relationship between science and society. “E’ry Day Science” is on exhibit through July 26 at the Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery. Info:

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