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Embrace the unexpected: Jonathan Glenn Nichols

Owner, J. Glenn Home, Decor & Jewelry in Boca Park

Your personal style? Sophisticated yet flirty. I believe a man always looks best in a coat and tie, but have no problem throwing a gaudy ring into the mix or an unexpected tie. I love ties from Psycho Bunny, mixing tennis rackets with  a bunny skull and crossbones.

 Favorite designer? Lanvin. I love the mix they create with unique cut and fabric combinations. It is a true art. I believe fashion in general is not just clothing but wearable artwork. It is not just another shirt. It is all in the stitching, buttons and fabric that make the piece.

What spring trend will you test-drive this season? Slippers. There were a few great ones this past fall, but they will be huge in spring. Most of all, they are comfortable. Del Toro makes the best. They have a small but great custom program as well.

Color trend pick for spring/summer 2013? Tangerine is big this season, but I always go for the boldest color. I may take it down a notch this season and go for emerald, but it has yet to be decided. If you see me out and about in tangerine, don’t be surprised. If emerald has won the Pantone color of the year, then the Mayans were right and the world is ending. They were just wrong on the date.

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 I couldn’t live without ... A tie. Necktie or bowtie, I don’t leave home without at least two. I just spent some time in Peru hiking Machu Picchu and I did so in a tie. If I fell to my death, at least they would find me looking my best. Also, I did most of it in Prada loafers; who said you couldn’t hike in Pradas?

 I wouldn’t be caught dead in ... Crocs! I think I just threw up in my mouth just saying it. When I see someone wearing them, I ask “Why? Why? Why?” They always respond, “Comfort.” I want to run them straight to Nordstrom and buy them a pair of TOMS. Just as comfortable but not nearly as scary. Since I am revealing so many secrets, I have to confess. I secretly love the Snuggie. I was hoping Lora Piana would do one in cashmere and mink, but that never happened, so I bought a Michigan State Snuggie on clearance from CVS Pharmacy.

 I splurge on ... Shoes. No price is too much. If I have it, I spend it. I have been known to buy eight pairs of shoes in one sitting. It also keeps people focused on my feet and not my large forehead formed by male pattern baldness.

I skimp on ... Underwear. I am always shocked by the price of chonies! Really, most of them are $25 and up. No one is going to see them, so why? I get so upset every time I need to replenish, but what can I do? I did just find some on for around $10. That price made me happy.

Fashion icon you’re most inspired by? Carson Kressley. He always looks great. His mix of bold patterns and color always impresses me. He really inspires me to dress better.

Top grooming tip for men? Put some lotion on that skin. Men do not hydrate their skin as much as they should. This Las Vegas desert really dries you out. After every shower I rehydrate my skin with a great body lotion. For the past eight years, Jo Malone Amber and Lavender body lotion has done the trick. And please don’t forget your face. I love a mix of Dr. Sebagh High Maintenance Cream and pure Vitamin E serum. You only get one body, so keep it looking its best. — Christie Moeller


The real(ish) deal

Celebrity jewelry designer Melinda Maria believes you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a million. Her design philosophy: Create beautiful, high-quality jewels that look real, but are actually fine crafted costume jewelry. The result: stunning pieces that can be worn to everything from red-carpet events to nights out. With a huge, A-list celebrity fan base, including Mila Kunis, Vanessa Hudgens, Naomi Watts, Khloe Kardashian, and many more, the line has been dramatically expanding over the past few years — and starting this month, Melinda Maria jewels are available at Nordstrom in the Fashion Show Mall. Info: —CM

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