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A Golden Opportunity

Pool season is just the around corner, and it’s easier than ever to get a head start on your tan with the latest in modern sun worship: mobile tanning. Stephanie Robertson of Illuminate You Mobile Tanning ( shares tips on getting the golden touch.

Desert Companion: Mobile tanning? How does that work?

Stephanie Robertson: First, I set up a backdrop similar to a photographer’s backdrop to contain any overspray. Next, I apply a barrier cream to the client’s hands and feet. The client then ties up or covers their hair, and the spraying begins. Once I’ve sprayed the client, I dry them with the warm air attachment machine. After the client is dry, I wipe off the barrier cream, take off the hair cap, pack up the backdrop and apply some powder if there are any areas that aren’t quite dry. It’s simple and quick.

DC: How long does it last?

SR: This depends on follow-up care. I remind everyone to avoid mineral oil after they’ve tanned. Any lotion or body wash containing this will break up the tan, making it look like a dry lakebed or alligator skin. The more you moisturize  — but not with baby oil — the longer it will last.

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DC: What’s the strangest place you’ve tanned someone?

SR: Being mobile, my base of clients are locals or hotel guests, but it surprises me how many people will tan on their lunch at the office. I’ve tanned clients in a tiny garage, in the back yard and even someone on a high-rise balcony overlooking the Strip, which scared me, because I’m afraid of heights!

It’s more the occasions for tanning that sometimes get me. I’ve tanned families through weddings,  proms, bat mitzvahs, babies, vacations, job interviews, just because and even funerals — yep, funerals. People just want to look their best truly for any occasion.

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