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Desert Companion

Relax, Inc.: Busting stress the old-fashioned way

The irony of the rise in the stress-relief industry, says Ron Lawrence, director of the Community Counseling Center of Southern Nevada, is that many of the same benefits you can get with professional help are available for free by doing things you've had to cut out of your busy schedule. Remember long walks and family picnics? Whatever type you are, you don't necessarily need a pricey therapist or arcane yoga poses to take back a semblance of sanity.

The Loner
Stressor: Too much time spent alone, worrying whether the kids walking down your street are looking to vandalize something.
Buster: A book club or community meeting at the public library. Take a friend for coffee afterward.

The Party Animal
Stressor: Too much Downtown, not enough down time.
Buster: Sunday morning meditation at the Zen Center, followed by a lunch you cook for yourself at home.

Runaround Sue
Stressor: Get off work, pick up kids, take to practice, go to grocery store, hit the gym...

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Buster: An afternoon at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, strolling through the gardens and watching the kids frolic in the playground.

Sir Sitsalot
Stressor: A forest of deadlines hacked away at from a hunching position behind a computer screen.
Buster: A jaunt at Red Rock Canyon, followed by a stop at the nearest smoothie joint.

Stressor: Married to your job, cause of constant white noise-like sound from actual spouse and children.
Buster: Family time. Pack a picnic and drive up to Mt. Charleston for a brisk hike followed by lunch. Added de-stress points for a movie together afterward.

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