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1. Among fans of cheap eats, our fifth annual edition of DEALicious Meals garnered a unanimous chorus of gastronomic delight — everyone together now: Ooh! Aah! Among fans of Cornwall, not so much. Reader Karen Andrews took mild exception to our well-meaning jibe about Cornwall, the quaint peninsular nub in the U.K. known as the birthplace of the pasty. Karen writes: “When Molly O’Donnell writes about the Oggie, at the Cornish Pasty Co., that, ‘it’s a classic that, until now, was the only reason to see Cornwall,’ she reveals, I suspect, that she has spent little — if any — time in Cornwall ... sitting on a high cliff, overlooking the swooping gulls and the waves crashing into the craggy coast; listening to a brass band in the scenic harbor or eating at the renowned Seafood Restaurant in Padstow; treading the cobblestone walks in the lovely village of St. Isaac’s (featured in the PBS series Doc Martin) where the town parking lot disappears at high tide; or visiting the Tate Modern gallery in St. Ives. Had she done so, I believe she would agree that Cornwall — with or without pasties — is one of the most wonderful places on earth.” We’re sold. Press junket! Other readers were all, More like SQUINTlicious Meals! Reader Sheila McCanna writes: “Desert Companion on the breakfast table caught my eye as I headed to read my email. I’m now frustrated because I had to get the magnifying glass to read about the restaurants (none in Summerlin) with delicious-looking photos (all on the east side or Downtown). Then I looked through the rest of the gorgeous magazine page by page. ... I just cannot read the articles with the magnifying glass ... it’s a real strain.” Sorry, Sheila. It could always be worse.

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As for the dearth of Summerlin-centric eats? Just a few DEALicious spots in or near your neighborhood we call out in our package: Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Greens & Proteins, Pink Box Doughnuts, Smashburger, Five Guys, Kona Grill and Echo & Rig.


2. Guy Fieri — love him or hate him, you have to admit: He exists. Andrew Kiraly’s bemused End Note riff session, “Notes from my dinner at Guy Fieri’s,” inspired both fans and foes of the straw-haired bronnoisseur of steroid-injected comfort food to come out of the woodwork. “Best food review I’ve ever read. Still cracking up!” writes Heather Skyler. “This article is like Fifty Shades of Grey for Paula Deen,” writes Strepsi. “This is the most perfect thing I have ever read,” RockSalt chimes in. Reader LaLaPico, however, found the article too rich for his taste ... gee ... almost as if we were trying to mimic the hypercaloric sensory assault of Guy Fieri’s food. We have a winner! “Holy hell — loosen up on the thesaurus, buddy!” LaLaPico writes. “I had to stop reading after the first paragraph. Trying to decipher this disjointed, incomprehensible monstrosity is akin to trying to articulate a surreal epiphany had in a half-remembered dream to a mentally challenged journalist slash hack who thinks that the more he fills the lines of his ‘story’ with asinine, pretentious analogies — as if he were some master pulp writer — people might mistake him for being smart!”


3. Heidi Kyser’s story about Dr. Ralph Conti, a beloved local pediatrician who was convicted of medical fraud, garnered a breadth of responses ranging from appreciation to shock. Along with Alfred Sapse, Conti performed illegal stem-cell implantations on people with chronic health problems desperately seeking a cure.  “Superbly written,” writes Terri Skyer. “Brilliantly reported,” writes Launce Rake. Others didn’t buy the theory that the affable Conti was a dupe who fell under Sapse’s spell. “Really? Being charming doesn’t mean you aren’t lying, stealing, money-driven, and selfish,” writes reader Muriel Simone. The story hit close to home among many readers, including Review-Journal reporter Henry Brean. “Both our children went to his practice, which came very highly recommended by almost everyone we talked to at hospitals and doctor’s offices before our children were born. He didn’t personally see our kids, but until recently the magazine covers featuring his smiling face still hung in the waiting room of what was left of his practice.”

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