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Oh, you shouldn't have: The gift guide for everyone

Perfect Gift

The Healthy Baby Bundle by LaVanila Laboratories, $42
For: Your adorable new niece/nephew/cousin/godchild/foundling (and the accompanying parents who will appreciate the gesture)
Why: They'll be so delighted you remembered to get a gift for their little darling that you may be spared babysitting duty for the next few months.
Where: Sephora in the Meadows Mall, 870-9182; Miracle Mile in Planet Hollywood, 737-0550; Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian, 735-3896; Town Square, 361-3727

GiftsSkull cardholder wallet, $35
For: Your husband, whose wallet bulge you can spot even from where you're sitting, even though he's in the kitchen making himself a BLT.
Why: A cardholder will force your husband to streamline, since it only gives you room for four cards and a few bills. He doesn't need to take his Blockbuster card anywhere. And when's the last time you went to a Blockbuster anyway? 2003?

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Take Ivy, photographed by Teruyoshi Hayashida, $14.47
For: The Harvard man for whom J. Crew just isn't quite preppy enough
Why: This rare and coveted bible of Ivy League fashion set the sartorial tone for decades of old money men (and those who aspire to look like them), and is finally being re-released for this generation.

Peas & Carrots Vegan Delivery Service, entrees start at $8
For: Health-conscious locavores with busy schedules
Why: You can have delicious, animal product-free entrees, soups, breads and cookies delivered right to your favorite vegan's door - handmade by Las Vegans and ready to heat and eat.

Yellow and Blue Astaire Seven-Fold Flower Woven Men's Tie, $185
For: Your lawyer friend whom you had to call when some illegal substance fell out of your purse and it wasn't like it was your actual purse anyway
Why: A seven-fold tie is a sartorial labor of love. It's made out of a single, uncut piece of silk folded seven times. It's substantial, hefty, beautiful, a marvel of human engineering and ingenuity - just like your legal defense.
Where: Thomas Pink at the Forum Shops, 696-1713; the Shoppes at the Palazzo, 369-2469

Southwest Airlines gift card and Celine Dion tickets
For: Your long-suffering parents, who still aren't really sure why you had to move all the way to Las Vegas, honey
Why: Because if you don't have the time to fly out to see them, bring them to you! Plus Celine's not back until March 2011, so you have time to prepare for their arrival, both emotionally and by cleaning your house.
Where: and, keywords "Celine Dion"

Everything is Terrible! The Movie / 2Everything2Terrible II: Tokyo Drift DVDs, $32.02
For: Your buddy wearing all the Day-Glo and the vintage Alf T-shirt even though he's too young to remember "Saved by the Bell."
Why: The found-footage clips assembled by the fine folks at Everything is Terrible! have been passed around the Internet for years, but nothing you've seen matches the insanity of these extended mash-ups '80s infomercials, early '90s action movies, misguided instructional videos and Angela Lansbury in a bathtub.

Jo Malone Welcoming Home gift set with Grapefruit Home Candle and Grapefruit and Rosemary Living Cologne, $160
For: Your recent college grad younger sibling currently battling it out in a bad roommate situation
Why: Create a calming bedroom space and disguise the creeping scents of mac 'n' cheese with a luxe Jo Malone candle and Living Cologne (or as we prefer to think of it, room perfume).
Where: Jo Malone at the Wynn Esplanade, 770-3485

The Art of Shaving's Silvertip Shaving Value Brush Set, $200
For: Your hairy, hairy dad
Why: Mom might appreciate the sandalwood essential oils and the eventual disappearance of the rust ring from the Barbasol can. And there's nothing like lathering with a genuine badger brush: good for dad's skin, even better for his soul.
Where: Art of Shaving in Mandalay Place, 632-9356; Fashion Show Mall, 733-9509; the Shoppes at the Palazzo, 607-0711

Jonathan Adler Salvador Vase, $98
For: Your quirky hipster friend who likes bands you've never heard of, and whose job you're still not really sure you understand.
Why: You don't have to get their modernist taste in interior decorating to know that a vase with a mustache on it is pretty awesome.
Where: Barneys at the Shoppes at the Palazzo, 629-4200

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, $26
For: Your aspiring writer who keeps losing other, more expensive fountain pens
Why: The Lamy Safari, designed by Germans, boasts a practically indestructible nib and a cheap, cheerful plastic body.

Moleskine Kindle DX Cover with Reporter Style Notebook, $59.99
For: Your half-Luddite, half-tech-geek werebeast
Why: We're assuming he owns a Kindle because apparently everyone is now contractually obligated to own one, and we're assuming he's vaguely embarrassed by it. So why not let him pretend it's a notebook that was used by Matisse, Hemingway and Picasso?

Red, white and blue silk knots, $5.75
For: Your hedge fund-managing friend who was in a punk band in high school that he still talks wistfully about
Why: For panache and gusto, nothing beats French cuffs, but people tend to go for lame male jewelry. Silk knots are far more, and offset a high-end shirt with a discreet but colorful accent.