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Eat this now: Smoked Salmon Pizza at Red Square

Salmon Pizza

Smoked Salmon Pizza at Red Square

More a retro-Russian twist on lox and bagels than a Spago-style pizza, this addictive appetizer is just one of several new bites on the re-imagined menu at Red Square. The foundation isn’t pizza dough, but a toasty, crispy tortilla, layered with cream cheese and richly flavored fish. Topping it off? Capers and lightly pickled onions, of course, to add vinegary and briny notes to an impressively well-balanced bite. And oh yeah, there’s a generous amount of luxurious domestic caviar sprinkled about. No Soviet-era austerity here. — Brock Radke

Mandalay Bay, 693-8300

Lo-Ba  at Chada Thai & Wine

For every nine people who order the pedestrian pad Thai at their local Thai food joint, there’s that one diner who takes cues from guys like Andrew Zimmern. Those lone gustatory thrillseekers will relish this platter of pig offal. Slivers of ear, tongue, and heart are braised until tender and then flash fried for texture. A few slices of cucumber on the side aren’t just for garnish — the cool, crisp bites are respite from the richness and will keep you from feeling like a pig yourself. — Debbie Lee

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3400 S. Jones Blvd. 641-1345,

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