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Eat this now: Jajangmyun and seafood pancake


Jajangmyun at Chapaghetti

In South Korea, April 14 is known as Black Day. The anti-Valentine’s Day, it’s an occasion when the lonely commiserate by wearing dark clothes and wallowing over bowls of jajangmyeon, or noodles in black bean sauce. For those of you who are bitterly unwed and interested in importing this tradition, Backrihyang is one of the few places in Vegas serving this Korean-Chinese specialty. Massive tangles of chewy noodles are served in fishbowl-sized portions and then drenched in an inky black sauce with bits of beef. An outrageous amount of chopped onion gives jajangmyeon its flavor, but it might also explain why fans of the dish remain single. — D.L.

Chapaghetti (inside Greenland Supermarket), 6850 Spring Mountain Road, 375-5100


Crispy seafood pancake at Surang’s Thai Kitchen

When you spot pancakes on the menu of this Thai take-out joint, throw out any notions of Bisquick boxes and silver dollars. Surang’s version is a savory cloud of eggy batter studded with shrimp, green mussels, squid and scallops. Fried in hot oil until sizzling and golden, it’s crunchy on the outside and pleasantly chewy within. A side of sweet and spicy plum sauce is reminiscent of syrup, but unlike your usual pancakes, this is best enjoyed at any hour of the day. — Debbie Lee

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Surang’s Thai Kitchen, 5455 S. Fort Apache Road, 385-0021

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