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Eat this now: Pizza and potted farm egg

Our favorite recent dishes that have us coming back for seconds

Di Fara Special at Dom Demarco’s

It’s every New Yorker’s God-given right to lament the absence of good pizza in Vegas. But with the arrival of Dom DeMarco’s, consider my maw muzzled. The Di Fara Special — named after the pizzeria’s main camp in Brooklyn — wipes the floor with competing deep-dish pies. The square-cut behemoth, cooked in cast iron, boasts a crust with crisp, rich edges and a light, soft crumb. Thick coins of pepperoni are strewn across the top to please the pork-lover, while ribbons of basil add a fresh finish. Make like a real New Yorker and elbow your tablemates so you can stake your claim on a piece of the pie. — Debbie Lee (Dom Demarco’s Pizzeria & Bar 9785 W. Charleston Blvd., 570-7000)

Potted Farm Egg at Public House

Before every trace of winter is gone, before the weather gets warm enough to discourage you from indulging in ultra-hearty, crazy rich, soul-satisfying grub, for the love of all that is holy, get down to Public House and eat this now. It’s hard to choose from the list of small plates at this new gastropub, but this is a no-brainer: crusty chunks of sourdough bread riding shotgun with a cast-iron dish of savory gravy with forest mushrooms, melting ricotta cheese and a soft cooked egg. Dip away, and feel no guilt. — Brock Radke (Public House Inside The Venetian, 407-5310)

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