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Eat this now: Buffalo Soldier and pig tails

Buffalo Soldier at Rock’N’oodles

1108 S. Third St., 702-522-9953,

Tucked into the heart of the Arts District, Rock’N’oodles is tiny — maybe five tables inside and out — but their ambitions are grand. Rock’N’oodles serves pasta inspired by world cuisine, from a tikka masala plate to a Southern barbecue chicken bowl to a spicy chipotle concoction. Like all their entrées, the Buffalo Soldier starts with a heaping portion of pasta (elbow macaroni, in this case) served in a rich, creamy blue cheese sauce. But the centerpiece is the fried chicken. Breaded, boneless Buffalo chicken chunks, worthy of any bar in upstate New York, are layered on the pasta. Julienned carrots and celery cut the heat from the Buffalo sauce, and potent bits of blue cheese take this decadent dish over the top. — Chris Bitonti


Crispy pig tails at Public House

In the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, 702-407-5310,

For a clever update on ordinary chicken wings, brace yourself for these chili-glazed chunks of fried pig tails and pork fat. A pool of buttermilk dressing is an improvement on the usual gluey bottled ranch, and whispers of shaved radish are a spicy alternative to waterlogged celery sticks. It’s undoubtedly rich, perhaps to the point of being offensive, but it’s still a dish that belongs on every porkophile’s bucket list. — Debbie Lee

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