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Desert Companion

Eat this now: Wings and Sea Bass


Le Poulet wings at SHe

Now under the operational eye of the massive Morton’s restaurant group, this made-over CityCenter steakhouse maintains its female-friendly marketing twist and a menu with something for everyone. The beef is fine but the appetizers stand out, especially these juicy, crisp chicken wings. The meat has been pulled up to approximate a lollipop effect, creating a massive, flavorful bite every time and the perfect surface for a generous slathering of sweet, spicy sauce. There’s tempting Roquefort cheese dip riding shotgun, too. Maybe the ladies love wings too?

She In Crystals at CityCenter, 254-2376

Sea bass crudo at Yonaka

The latest cool, creative Japanese restaurant you need to check out — seems like these are popping up once a month now — is Yonaka, which specializes in raw fish but not necessarily just sushi and sashimi. Exhibit A is this combination of chunks of rich sea bass, sweet heirloom tomatoes, candied quinoa, briny orange salmon roe and bright lemon oil. Yonaka’s experimental flavor matchups are hard to compare with more familiar dishes and hard to describe. Let’s try “deliciously brilliant.”

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Yonaka 4983 W. Flamingo Road #A, 685-8358

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