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They didn’t win our Photo Contest, but something about these shots made us want to know more


Photographer: Lisane Forello

It caught our eye because: It could be the composition, it could be the casually naturalistic style or it could be the horse in line at Starbucks.

The story: “My husband, Dushon, usually rides his horse, Misty, a black Morgan, between Southern Highlands and Blue Diamond. One morning he called me and said he was going to pick up a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Since the line inside was too long, he decided to go to the drive-through. I decided to meet him and, getting out of the car, I saw him on Misty and thought it was a unique situation. We need some horse poles at Starbucks so he can tie his horse.”


GoatPhotographer: Tony Fountain

It caught our eye because: We liked the eerie, almost taxidermied calm of the bighorn sheep and the incongruous suburban setting.

The story: “A co-worker told me about a location in Boulder City where bighorn sheep come down to graze in Hemenway Park. So my wife and I drove there one Sunday morning. To my surprise, we noticed groups of five to seven coming down slowly from the mountain into the neighborhood. I parked my car to take photos. Gradually, they started walking down the street toward the park, right by my car. I had the window down. A couple of sheep walked right by my door without fear or hesitancy. I took great shots of a few females and a couple of rams. We’ve been back to the park in Boulder City several times to just hang out and watch the herds.”

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Christine Fencl

Photographer: Christine Fencl

It caught our eye because: The unusual mix of lightning and … Dumpster? Also, the intriguing possibility that she’d captured the
arrival of a terminator from the future.

The story: “Taken east of Boulder Highway, down the street from where I work. I was about to leave for the day when I noticed that a rain cloud and lightning were traveling through. Thankfully I had my camera, because I wanted to capture a shot with one side of the frame being the dark cloud/rain/lightning, and the other side of the frame to be the clear blue sky. Because I love shooting urban decay (finding the beauty in everything), I waited until the rain cloud traveled over the area of the Dumpster and was lucky enough to get that streak of lightning with this shot. That is why I titled it ‘Chaos & Calm.’ Left of the photo represented the strength, beauty and ugliness harsh weather can bring, and the Dumpster just added to the atmosphere.”

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