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Has it really been a year since the last Focus on Nevada Photo Contest? Plus, for this year’s look at nightlife in Nevada’s biggest city, we decided to turn the lens on those communities that are big enough to sway markets, but too small to be mainstream — LGBTQ+ individuals, seniors, those under 21 and other non-drinkers.

Cocktail of the Month: Hits Different

Heather Jacquart
HJ Photography

At Red Dwarf

Even in the desert, summer means tropical flavors. Many rummy-fruity drinks are weak sauce, both in flavor and potency. The Red Dwarf offers a refreshingly unique take with its Hits Different, a perfect July beverage. Novo Fogo Passion Fruit Cachaça and Boukman Botanical Rhum give it a nice kick, mango nectar and Demerara syrup add sweetness, while coconut cream smooths flavors and textures together. The name is a reference to the Taylor Swift song, which in turn refers to the drink’s taking a few cues from the batida cocktail, whose name can translate as “hit” or “beat.” (The singer/songwriter/juggernaut also inspired the drink’s candy bracelet garnish.) A Swiftie tribute at a punk bar, a fruity drink that’s not cloying, a liquor-forward cocktail that doesn’t smack you in the face — it, well, hits different. — Lissa Townsend Rodgers

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