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Southern Nevada may not have foliage tours and apple-picking excursions, but autumn here brings a full calendar of arts and culture to keep us busy. Find a guide to this year’s season here, along with book reviews, interviews, profiles, and a true-crime tale from the annals of punk rock.

Now Hear This: Check out These Local Musicians

The artists featured in Now Hear This overlayed with a yellow filter
Photos: Courtesy the artists
Illustration: Ryan Vellinga

Two Vegas music lovers riff on their favorite local acts and albums of the moment

One mark of a really good band is when you can tell all the musicians are individually talented, but they never outshine each other. And I really feel that with Post-NC. So, they’re a real joy to see live. And they usually have this fun bit where they have this one guy just stand behind them for the whole performance, and he just doesn’t do anything. He just stands there like a statue. It’s quite something to see. – Eric Duran-Valle
Choice Track: “Egress”

King JaRED

You’ll hear him rapping about his whole Vegas experience — all sides of the spectrum — when it comes to King JaRED. And he actually graduated from Las Vegas Academy and rocks with a band called The Noir Movement, who are all also amazing musicians that came out of LVA. – CoCo Jenkins
Choice Track: “Hooligan”

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The Dollheads
(The bandmembers are) actually teenagers, three siblings: two sisters and one brother, and they're just really good at capturing that teenage angst sound — there's a real authenticity to it. They got their start doing covers of (rock bands), which now are kind of considered classics. (Now their own music) harkens back to that old-school emo-punk sound. - EDV
Choice Track: "Microphone"

Pure Sport

Their whole shtick is that they’re doing a corporate satire thing: They perform live wearing suits and ties. They have this really good old-school type of punk sound. I first saw them (last) October — it was a completely random concert at Eagle Airie Hall in Henderson. And it was just one of the most wild, energetic live performances that I’ve ever seen. So, I’ve been a bit of an evangelist for them ever since! – EDV 
Choice Track: “Pizza Time”


I actually have the pleasure of being great friends with this artist, as I feel like I am with a lot of the artists on this lineup. I’m sure I saw (AKASHAA) for the first time out at First Friday or at Cork and Thorn — she used to perform there a lot — or at The Usual Place. She even just performed at The Space on the same lineup as the Dollheads for the competition to (perform at) Life is Beautiful. – CJ 
Choice Track: “Flow” (feat. Tree Hill) 

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I first got to see (Arrlo) at the SunCan Festival at Ferguson’s, which was really interesting because Arlo was one of the main organizers of (it), with Black Sheep Booking. I really like them as music community members because they’re really looking to uplift and promote a lot of their colleagues in the music scene. Of emo punk nostalgia, Arrlo’s kind of the lighter side, and I feel that sound is really making a comeback. – EDV
Choice Track: “Cavities”