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Eat This Now: Seafood Charcuterie

The seafood charcuterie plate featuring break, slices of fish, and dipping sauce
Michael Rudin
Michael Rudin Photography

At La Strega

Describing the seafood charcuterie plate at her flagship Italian restaurant, chef Gina Marinelli says, “It’s all very oceanic, and it ties into what we are and what we stand for at La Strega.” As with any good charcuterie board, this one features a mix of curated specialty items, but it also showcases Marinelli’s personal flair. Many of the ingredients come from Sogno Toscano, a company that specializes in high-end Italian fare, including cured fish from Sardinia. Among them are an octopus salami, a traditionally dry-aged swordfish, and an air-cured tuna bresaola.

Marinelli adds house-made anchovy crostini and egg salad made with Worcestershire sauce, parsley, and pickled onions — a nod to the chef’s visit to San Sebastián, Spain. Grilled ciabatta provides the perfect vessel for the restaurant’s rich uni shoyu crema. All of this is served with lime and seasonal vegetables courtesy of The Intuitive Forager. Taken together, it makes for a creative charcuterie board that wows at first sight … and first taste.

La Strega
3555 S Town Center Dr Ste 105