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Southern Nevada may not have foliage tours and apple-picking excursions, but autumn here brings a full calendar of arts and culture to keep us busy. Find a guide to this year’s season here, along with book reviews, interviews, profiles, and a true-crime tale from the annals of punk rock.

Cocktail of the Month: Morning, Peaches

The Morning, Peaches cocktail sits on top of a wood countertop in a decorative glass.
Eureka Restaurant Group

At Eureka!

Breakfast cocktails often default to the Bloody Mary, the mimosa, or some variation thereof. Downtown’s Eureka! offers a unique take with its Morning, Peaches cocktail. It’s a strong-willed Southern belle of a drink that blends Buffalo Trace bourbon and pureed peaches with a dash of coffee and a hint of vanilla, creating a unique libation. A pretty pansy garnish adds an aesthetic pick-me-up to the chemical ones provided by the booze and caffeine. After all, who doesn’t prefer a gentle nudge into the day rather than a swift kick?