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Dream Again

 Photograph of The Mob Museum
The Mob Museum

May ends, and June begins, with much ado about art, in all its forms

Mysteries Solved: How Tech Changed the Game for Cold Case Detectives

June 6

True crime lovers know how important DNA technology has been in the investigation process’s evolution — both for finding perps and identifying victims. While we all appreciate DNA tech’s ability to solve cold cases, many of us don’t understand how the process actually works. Metro investigators aim to change that with this lecture at the Mob Museum, focusing on how DNA technology has been applied recently to solve crimes and provide closure to families after decades of waiting. Think of this event like your fav true crime podcast, but live! 7-8:15p, free with museum admission, the Mob Museum,

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The Tempest

May 25-27

Being a well-rounded fan of the arts means attending a Shakespeare production from time to time — and your next opportunity to check that box has arrived: Nevada Shakespeare Festival’s production of The Tempest. Thought to be one of the final plays the Bard wrote, it’s in many ways the culmination of the experience and nuance that Shakespeare developed throughout his career as a playwright. But don’t be intimidated — it’s still good fun for the whole family, especially with illusionist Rod Raven playing the lead, Prospero, and the addition of a host of magical creatures. Plus, how many other opportunities do we get to channel our inner Elizabethan peasant? 7:30p, $15, Water Street Plaza Ampitheater,

Painting of a man balancing a stick on his head with rocks hanging in front of his face
Larry Lewis
Priscilla Fowler Fine Art

Pushing Paint

Art Exhibit
Through May 26

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Pushing Paint is one of those art exhibitions that challenges the viewer and demands digestion for days afterward. The art itself is masterfully done, displaying Larry Lewis’ obvious knowledge of technique, but it also carries intense double meanings about the future of humanity: What is technology doing to us? How is it impacting our views of self? Described by the gallery as “a small window of resistance against our techno-driven future,” Pushing Paint gave me plenty to ruminate on and, dare I say, change the way that I approach my favorite gadgets. 1-8p daily, free, Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery, 

A music group playing at Schellraiser music festival
Ruby Herndon


Music Festival
June 1-3

There’s Burning Man and Coachella — mass events with big-name acts and even bigger ticket prices and hassle factors. Then, there’s Schellraiser, where the focus is on good music and good community. A portion of funds raised is slated to go to partner nonprofits, as well as the restoration of the historic McGill Theater in downtown McGill, Nevada. This micro- festival offers an excellent chance to appreciate an often overlooked corner of Nevada, while enjoying performances from the likes of Blonde Redhead, Brennen Leigh, Asleep at the Wheel, and Joshua Ray Walker. And if three full days of music is too much for you, there are also yoga classes, movie nights, and a variety of food and art vendors offering mosh breaks. 12-11p, $80-210, McGill Pool Park,


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June 7-July 1

Classic and child-friendly is the work song for Super Summer Theatre’s first production this season. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway adaptation of the ancient fairytale is lively, nuanced, and full of fun. As a bonus, you’ll be back home before the clock strikes midnight, avoiding having your car turn into a pumpkin! 8p, $20-30, Spring Mountain State Park,