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Brunch Time!

Eggs, some whole and others broken

So many choices for your late-morning lounge meal. Narrow them down with this list of favorites organized by vibe, featured cocktail, or even hangover cure



When: Sundays

Vibe: Yacht. Boats and ducks float on the lake in the picture windows or just beyond the patio.

Cocktail: Bottomless red wine sangrias, a switch from the usual mimosas, or go for a one-off grapefruit paloma (okay, maybe two)

Savory dish: Lighter than the usual eggs/bacon/cheese combo, a fresh bagel topped with smoked salmon and masago roe — a flavorful change of pace

Sweet dish: Why choose one? Order the pastry basket’s assortment of cinnamon rolls, churros, muffins, and other goodies

Hangover cure: Nothing sticks to the ribs or soothes the soul like shrimp and grits.

Bellagio Buffet


When: Daily

Vibe: Glutton. It’s all about the dozens of food options, meant to facilitate your culinary creativity.

Cocktail: Stay long enough to make the bottomless drinks — mimosas, Bloody Marys, Margaritas, screwdrivers, wine, or beer — worthwhile.

Savory dish: Want a benedict with ham, bacon, sausage, or smoked salmon? Go ahead, try all four. Or skip eggs entirely and go for the prime rib.

Sweet dish: Tiny donuts filled with creme or jelly

Hangover cure: Whatever your tried-and-true personal food cure may be, it’s here.

Good Morning Kitchen


When: Daily

Vibe: Family. A neighborhood crowd of moms, dads, babies, and friends discussing last night’s festivities

Cocktail: Rise and Shine, a bourbon-based bevvy of espresso flavor and coconut-foam texture

Savory dish: Croqueta Benedict, a welcome new spin on the has-been Benny treatment, placing eggs atop a puff of golden-fried ham and cheese

Sweet dish: With toppings galore, the Pancake Tower lets you play with your food.

Hangover cure: Comfort food with a little kick — Chilaquiles with pork belly and fried egg

The NoMad Bar


When: Saturday & Sunday

Vibe: Elegant. Red velvet banquettes, sun streaming through French windows, and live jazz on the baby grand piano

Cocktail: The Cocktail Explosion, a veritable bucket of booze — in Tequila and Vodka versions, both garnished with a bottle and a Barbie Doll

Savory dish: The Truffle Chicken Sandwich, an eye-rolling combination of decadent flavors

Sweet dish: The Bananas Foster Pancakes, flambeed tableside in maple rum — brunch and a show!

Hangover cure: The NoMad Fruit Platter, next-level individually boozed-up offerings, such as mango soaked in rum

The Pepper Club


When: Daily

Vibe: Arts District. Tables of pink-clad bachelorette brunchers mixed with five-o’clock-shadow guys grabbing a bite solo at the bar

Cocktail: The Blueberry Yum Yum, a wonky blend of blueberries, Baileys, and banana whiskey — a unique breakfast drink that lives up to its name

Savory dish: Breakfast tacos with an Asian twist, served in wonton shells and topped with scallions, avocado, and Thai salsa

Sweet dish: The Stuffed French Toast — thick slices of Japanese milk bread topped with ube cream and fresh fruit — pretty enough for a princess, substantial enough for a lumberjack

Hangover cure: The Aztec Turkey Combo, a turkey sandwich oozing two kinds of cheese with tomato soup and fries on the side

The Peppermill


When: 24-7

Vibe: Sin City. A forest of pink/blue neon and synthetic cherry blossoms over giant round booths

Cocktail: The cliché ostentatiously-garnished Bloody Mary, here in its classic form — salad in a glass

Savory dish: Munch’s Breakfast, covering all four food groups: sausage and eggs with potatoes, peppers, and onions — topped with cheese and served with a muffin

Sweet dish: The French Toast Ambrosia, a cornucopia of fruit and a snowcap of whipped cream atop a tectonic plate-sized slab of French toast

Hangover cure: The battleship-sized triple-decker Clubhouse sandwich soaks up an ocean of booze — or provides you with to-go dinner.

The Stove NV


When: Daily

Vibe: Bright. An airy second-floor space with shabby-chic decor and an expansive 180-degree view of the Vegas Valley

Cocktail: Italian Coffee with Amaretto, Irish Cream and cookie syrup — a fine way to start or finish brunch

Savory dish: The double-patty Juicy Lucy burger, topped with a bacon-wrapped onion ring, house-made pickles, and roasted tomato, served with a French fry/potato chip hybrid

Sweet dish: Peach Bellini French Toast, a breakfast as a sinful dessert

Hangover cure: The Croque Madame: bechamel and runny egg coat your stomach; ham and short rib give you courage to take on the rest of your day … or a nap.