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Cocktail of the Month: Original Sin

The Chandelier
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

At Chandelier Bar, in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

An enduring exception to locals’ blasé attitude toward the Strip is the Chandelier Bar, spanning two floors in the Cosmpolitan. Between levels one and two is a favorite spot, where you can feel the buzz of the casino, but are screened by acres of shimmering crystals forming the fixture that gives the bar its name. Each level has its own cocktail selection, and level 1.5 is for discerning drinkers. Here you can order an Original Sin, a combination of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Screwball peanut butter whiskey, and cinnamon whiskey with a spiced ice sphere. The first sip is bourbon-forward. Then, as the ice melts, peanut butter comes to the fore and a cinnamon tingle hits the tongue. It’s an evolving twinkle on the tastebuds that leaves you feeling warm and festive.