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Three Questions for Amber Dixon


Photo of Amber Dixon
Courtesy Vegas PBS

Amber Dixon

Host of Vegas PBS's Nevada Week and former KSNV News 3 sports anchor and reporter

Will there be more sports on Nevada Week now that you’re at the helm?Yes, but in a different way … applying my news experience to sports. For example, the regional (Edward R.) Murrow Award that I won was for a story about whether kneeling during the National Anthem offended military veterans, which was one of the takes on that. I went to Xtreme Couture MMA here in Las Vegas — which has a group of veterans and ex-professional athletes who get together on a weekly basis and talk about PTSD and other struggles that they’re going through — and asked the veterans what they thought about the kneeling.

Boxing and MMA are your favorite sports overall, but how about team sports? Which one did you enjoy covering the most?Football, but we didn’t have the Raiders until just two years ago. We have UNLV football, but it’s difficult to cover a losing team. You don’t feel like the public is all that interested, and then it gets more into, “Who’s the coach, and should they be fired?” and “Who’s the athletic director, and should they be fired?” But football would be my favorite.

Do you think we’ll actually get a Major League Soccer team … this time?The (Las Vegas) Lights have a tremendous fan base that shows up week in and week out. And Brett Lashbrook (owner and CEO) did a really good job harnessing that market, knowing who he was appealing to. I think there’s a good chance, but it always comes down to the funding, and how many times has Las Vegas gone through, “This team’s gonna come, and this stadium’s gonna be built”? We’ve been hearing that for a long time. But if I had to put a percentage on it, I’d say 65 percent. No timeline, though. Φ

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