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CUE THAT PHARRELL SONG If you’re determined to pursue happiness — or at least a childlike, selfie-intensive version of it — Mandalay Bay has a place for you: Happy Place, that is, 15,000-square feet offering 10 themed rooms for all the Instagram posts you could want; the hardest part is coming up with captions. (It will be open through February.) The staff, officially the happiest people in Vegas, hands you gummy bears and cookies. They also double as your personal photographer, and yes, they get all the angles. They guide you into a bright yellow room filled with gumballs and comically large shoes. There’s a Cookie Room that actually smells like cookies, and an Upside-Down bedroom that defies gravity by really being upside down. Take photos in a Rubber Ducky Bathtub and with six-foot tall X’s and O’s covered in mirrored squares. I was underwhelmed by a plain black room with flowers hanging from the ceiling — until I climbed a ladder and was immersed in 40,000 handmade gold flowers. The final room is the backyard. In one corner is the world’s largest confetti dome, perfect for a Boomerang. The other corner has a giant ball pit and slides, also perfect for a Boomerang. If some of this sounds a little cheesy, letting loose and being childlike for an hour made me happier than I expected it would, even if the price was — frowny face! — $35. (Info:

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