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Found Issue: Junk Drawer

Desert Companion

Junk United

We grabbed a bunch of stuff from our junk drawers to make a meta-junk drawer!

1 When I was young, my cousins put troll dolls all over my house. I got tired of it and hid them all, then forgot them. Imagine my surprise when I opened a junk drawer 12 years later to find more than a dozen troll dolls staring up at me! Hayleigh Hayhurst

2 In 2006, I was one of 20 finalists for Oscar Mayer’s “Sing the Jingle, Be a Star” competition. I sang to Mayor Goodman and rode down the Strip in the wienermobile. I didn’t win the $5,000 top prize or land a part in a commercial, but I got some free bologna. Mya Constantino

This is a coin from Washington, D.C., that I brought home from a family trip. Brent Holmes

4 This bear-head bottle opener has been sitting in my kitchen drawer, patiently waiting years to be placed in a home with a backyard worthy of its grandeur. Okay, fine, I might be over-hyping it, but the time has come to take him from “junk” to decor. Christopher Smith

5 Years ago, I bought, like, a hundred of these arcane patches at a military surplus store and give them out as prizes at my chess club. Andrew Kiraly

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6 When I was an exchange student to Begium in the mid-’80s, I commemorated my first foray into pubs by collecting coasters. I keep them in a kitchen drawer as if I’d actually take them out and use them, after all these years. Heidi Kyser

7 Camping in the Mojave Desert, I saw a surveyor’s wooden stake on the side of a road. Heeding the words of conservationist/curmudgeon Edward Abbey, I removed it. Not wanting to waste a stick, I carved this small stirring spoon while waiting for the morning coffee to brew. Scott Lien


May Also Contain: Chris’ designer AIGA cards, Pearl Jam limited beer packaging; Mya’s photo of her childhood best friend’s family, copy of Going Vegan by Linda Blair; Andrew’s embossed watch, Moleskine notebook; Heidi’s used birthday candles, pocket knife; Scott Dickensheets’ purple fan; Hayleigh’s cassette tape; Brent’s plastic rose, orange monster head; Scott Lien’s green pen from an old friend, Thee Swank Bastards pin, and Railroad Pass matchbook.

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