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Dining: In Search of Great Vegan Pizza


Photography by Christopher Smith

Blaze Pizza

HEIDI KYSER: Everything is good except the Daiya cheese, which kinda ruins everything else.

CHRIS SMITH: Being able to choose your own ingredients is good. I got onions, green peppers, spinach, and tofu popcorn, which detract from the weird Daiya flavor.

HK: I wanna say it’s good … for vegan pizza. I’d prefer if it stood on its own, as just good pizza, period.

CS: Yeah, I’d say it’s a good go-to vegan option — satisfying, but not crave-worthy.

10060 W. Sahara Ave., 


Pizza Company

HK: So cool they do an all-vegan pizza, garlic knots, and ranch special for $19.99.

CS: The house-made ranch and cheese show that the chef really cares about vegan customers.

HK: This mushroom, olive, pepper, and Beyond Sausage pizza tastes as good as any thin-crust pizza.

CS: I’d definitely come back here.

2275 E. Sunset Road #2, 702-363-9300

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Pop Up Pizza

HK: The pan-style crust gives the whole thing a nice smoky flavor.

CS: Daiya cheese again, unfortunately.

HK: It works a little better for me here, though, because of the crust.

CS: The standard vegan option has a lot of veggies — artichoke, mushrooms, red peppers, spinach … Maybe too much for some people?

HK: Maybe, but they can customize it with any toppings. Just takes a little longer.

In the Plaza Hotel & Casino, 702-978-7873


Good Pie

CS: (Trying the upside-down, with caramelized onions and meatballs, which was the vegan selection of the day) Oh my God, this sauce reminds me of my favorite mom-and-pop pizzeria in Beverly (Massachusetts).

HK: Too sweet for me — probably the onions. The meatballs are delicious, though.

CS: I love the grandma-style crust.

HK: I usually love it, but this one is too … crusty?

CS: At least the cheese doesn’t stick to your teeth!

725 Las Vegas Blvd. S. #140, 702-844-2700


Naked City Pizza at PT’s

HK: (Trying the Green Italian) This is good.

CS: (Trying the Bee’s Knees) Told you.

HK: Okay, so if they use Daiya cheese too, why does it taste so much better?

CS: Probably the oil brushed on the crust and the fact that it’s cooked in such a hot oven.

HK: I love how much thought went into combining interesting flavors, like the shaved fennel and radish with mushrooms on the Bee’s Knees. Brilliant. (Note: The Bee’s Knees is currently off the menu.)

CS: Too bad they don’t have vegan options in all their locations.

HK: Maybe not. If they had one in my neighborhood, I’d eat there all the time. I do not need that much pizza.

10940 S. Eastern Ave., 702-0915-7519

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