Desert Companion

Poem: Any Old Day

Across the table

We take our hands together—

For no one knows the hour or the day.

Still, a summer morning gathers strength due west.

Here is our desert city, tied to a crane-necked lover

Whose shut eyes twitch with visions of the good life.

This Las Vegas, her blue angel in the bone yard;

Veiled tranquil gaze, no longer in need

Of rehearsal. Svelte mastery,

Like a shadow cast by momentum,

May be found leaning against faded ironworks,

Venerated plaster, chips of paint.

Outside we sit in sight of towering reflecting pools,

Like magnifying glass. We don’t wait for fires

To catch, but interlace fingers and ask—

How will we answer

The relentless bribe

Offered us today?

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