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2018 Was the Year of...

2018 was the year of reckoning — and rebuke — for our skyline billionaires. Sexual misconduct allegations caught up to Steve Wynn. Donald Trump dismissed #metoo and vilified immigrants — then saw Nevada reject his politics, again. For his part, Sheldon Adelson poured money into losing GOP candidates and causes, like a gambler who needs an intervention. Las Vegas may cater to high rollers, but it values respect and tolerance more. Daniel Hernandez


2018 was the year cannabis became a normal part of everyday life. A gram of flower or vape pen could be a staple of the weekend like a frozen pizza or party dress. Everyone from grandma to Fido discovered CBD for sleep issues, anxiety, and pain. Today's cannabis consumer is less like the chicks from Broad City hitting a bong than Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton unwinding with a joint in 9 to 5. Lissa Townsend Rodgers


2018 was the year of the dog. A wild coyote took up residence Downtown, displacing the (un)Lucky Dragon. The neighbors went crazy on Facebook, drove the drug dealers and stolen-bike peddlers out of the park where the homeless couple with all the chihuahuas slept. I slept all right, knowing that my Border Collie would keep an eye on the chicken coop. But what to do about the howling from the party houses? Heidi Kyser

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