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“Most Important Meal,” by Biscuit Street Preacher

Breakfast as a lens on social change: “I was thinking about how fast-paced our lives have become,” says artist Robby Martin, aka Biscuit Street Preacher, of this painting — note the many references to technology, including this motherboard form (1). Pondering old TV shows that depict families eating breakfast before work/school, he says, “I think how ridiculous that concept is now.” We’ve forsaken our stoves (2) — now upside-down and useless — for a Mickey D’s chicken biscuit (3). But this comes with a price: frayed connections with loved ones we don’t have time for. There’s nostalgia at work here, too, Biscuit says. “I cherish the days with my grandparents around the table with homemade biscuits and gravy, eggs (4) and bacon.” Important meals, indeed.


Nunca Ido — Never Gone, by Biscuit Street Preacher, runs Sept. 28-Nov. 21, CORE Contemporary, 900 E. Karen Avenue,

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